Travelling with Infants and Children

Travelling with babies

Our staff is always happy to help in any way we can to ensure that your trip with your young children is as enjoyable, convenient and comfortable as possible.

Travelling with babies

The baby is a person from the age of 0-2 years until the date of completion of the trip.

Please note the following:

Babies within the first 7 days after birth may not be admitted.

Each baby should be accompanied by an adult (over 18 years old). This adult can hold the baby in his arms. An extra strap will be used for the baby during the flight.

When Travelling with a baby you are allowed to get plenty of baby food and baby milk for the entire flight and the amount to be up to 100 ml.

Babies do not have the right to luggage (except maxi cosi and stroller)

For safety reasons, infants and their companions will not be allowed to sit near emergency exits.

Travelling with children

A child is a person from 2 to 12 years old (until the 12th birthday)

Children must travel to their own country, so a NORMAL fee must be booked.

For safety reasons children and their accompanying persons will not be allowed to sit near emergency exits.

If you are Travelling with a baby or toddler the rules apply as follows:

You have the right to carry a folding wheelchair (or wheelchair or wheelchair) free of charge.

In most countries, the folding cart should not be checked as luggage, but can be used throughout the airport up to the doors of the aircraft, where a person from our staff will pick up the cart from you to load the luggage.

Due to the latest rules, your children will need their travel documents with a photograph (passport) regardless of age.