Expectant mothers

For the safety of you and your baby there are some requirements if you want to fly with our companies during pregnancy.

A medical certificate is not required if:

You are 28 weeks pregnant or less

Medical certificate showing ability to travel, number of weeks of pregnancy, estimated date of birth required if:

* You are 29-36 weeks pregnant

The certificate must be dated within 10 days before the trip.

Air travel is not allowed if:

You are 36 weeks pregnant or more (pregnant with a baby)

You are 32 weeks pregnant or more (twin)

Please also note that for safety purposes, pregnant passengers are not allowed to sit in the emergency / exit line. If you are pregnant and sitting in the emergency / exit line, please contact the cabin staff who will be happy to assist you with your relocation to a more comfortable and convenient location.

Special cases for expectant mothers and babies requiring medical leave

There is uncertainty in the progress of the pregnancy or the time of birth if the mother had multiple previous births, or that complications at birth can be expected regardless of the week of pregnancy.

Premature babies are not accepted for travel without medical permission

Infants less than 48 hours old are not accepted for travel. Babies aged 48 hours and up to seven (7) days completed, from the date of birth, are not accepted for travel without medical permission.

For all the above cases, the Medical Form must be completed by the doctor and sent to our company at least 72 hours before the departure of the flight.

Useful tips

Consult your doctor / gynecologist before traveling.

Please advise airport or security staff that you are pregnant, especially if you wish to refuse to go through metal detectors (although metal detectors do not use x-rays).

Wear comfortable clothing.

Avoid bringing heavy hand luggage.

Fasten the seat belt under the belly.