Passengers with special needs

At Reiseburo Prishtina, our aspiration is to meet all the needs of our passengers with the highest standards of passenger care.

We are committed to ensuring a comfortable and safe journey, including boarding, disembarking and moving around the airport. Special assistance is available for all travelers with mobility problems, travelers with hearing / vision impairments or cognitive disabilities and the elderly.

To allow ample time for proper arrangements, assistance should be sought as soon as you book your flight, or no later than 48 hours before departure. We also recommend that you arrive at the airport of departure well in advance of your departure time.

Wheelchairs are not subject to baggage allowance and are free to carry *.
In addition, if necessary, we are able to offer you wheelchairs with an escort at the airport free of charge.

  • In case you are traveling in your wheelchair, you must specify as early as possible to obtain company approval at least 24 hours before departure:
  • Wheelchair type to be presented for check-in (electric or manual, foldable or non-foldable)
  • Its weight and full dimensions when folded (length x width x height)
  • For electric wheelchairs, the nature of the batteries (dry, wet or lithium)

* Please note that we will not be able to offer you seats in the emergency exit line.

** Crutches and standing frames are allowed to be taken aboard the aircraft. Once you have decided on your flight, our cabin staff will save the item for you, and then return them upon arrival. In some cases, the standing frames can be loaded in the trunk, due to the limited space in the cabin. However, the walking frame will be returned to you after landing.